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This web site is the result of ongoing partnership between the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner, or Pima County OME, and Humane Borders, Inc. Although each organization has a distinct mission, both are committed to the common vision of raising awareness about migrant deaths and lessening the suffering of families by helping to provide closure through the identification of the deceased and the return of remains.

We provide geographic information systems-based tools that use publicly available information to grant access to high quality downloadable spatial data regarding migrant deaths. Data are updated monthly and the search tools allow any user to

Please use these tools with sensitivity and mindfulness.

Since January of 1990, over 3,400 undocumented migrants have died within the Pima County OME jurisdiction. The information presented is stark and perhaps unsettling. However, both Humane Borders and the Pima County OME believe that the availability of this information will contribute to fulfilling our common vision.